Data Science

Data Science

Level: Beginner

What Will I learn?

Understand general concept of Data Science.


Data Science is one of the most exciting and evolving technologies. This introduction to Data Science course is for whom who has basic ideas of Artificial Intelligence and basic knowledge of Machine Learning other programming languages given below. The course is well structured and easy to learn. This will help you understand the basics of Data Science and its applications. It will give you a fair overview to get you started in the world Data Science.

The course covers the following sections.

  • Introduction
  • Needs of data Science
  • Jobs in Data Science
  • Components of Data Science
  • Tools of Data Science
  • Work Flow of Data Science
  • Life cycle of Data Science
  • Business Intelligence Vs Data Science
  • Applications of Data Science
  • Data Science vs Big Data
  • Conclusion


R programming, Python language, Hadoop Platform, SQL Database/ Coding, Apache Spark, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Unstructured Data


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