Internet of Things

Getting Started - Internet of Things (IoT)

Level: Beginner

What Will I learn?

Understand general concept of Internet of Things (IoT).


IoT is one of the most enticing and evolving technologies. This introduction to IoT course is for beginners.The course is well structured and easy to learn.This will help you understand the basics of Internet of Things and its applications. It will give you a fair overview to get you started in the world of IoT.

The resource covers the following sections:

  • Understanding what IoT is (key features)
  • Benefits and its disadvantages
  • IoT hardware & software
  • Various IoT technologies  and protocols
  • IoT applications in various industries
  • Know IoT ThingWorx, Iot SalesForce, IoT GE Predix , IoT Eclipse, Contiki-open source OS for IoT
  • IoT security and challenges


  • As such no special requirement or prerequisites
  • No Familiarity with IoT terminology is required
  • Passion to learn new things
  • Basic computer knowledge

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